Ultimate security
at the push of a button

Anøm combines Live Voice, Text, Photos and Notes into a secure application. Then hardens against targeted surveillance and digital forensics.
We've taken Push-to-Talk, the proven standard for field communications. Enhanced it with Noise Suppression, Voice Cloaking, end-to-end & file based encryption. Additionally, the device, OS and network are locked down by disabling the USB, removing vulnerable services, a firewall and hardware backed disk encryption.
This combination results in the most secure mobile communications platform available.

Around the corner, around the globe. Anøm enables your team to communicate instantly and securely at the push of a button.

Enforce your Right to Privacy

Shielded Messaging

Timed Messages
Attach Media
Retract Messages
Correct Messages

Chats automatically self destruct once they have expired. Messages expire in the background and are shredded the moment the device is turned back on or unlocked. Leave no trace.

Encrypted Push-to-Talk

Instant Live PTT
Voice Changer
Replay Messages

Not to be confused with voice memos, PTT streams in real time like a two-way radio with unrivalled reliability, call performance and voice quality - even on slow connections.
Global Spy Agencies, Military and Emergency Services worldwide depend on PTT for mission critical digital communication in the field. Learn More

Cloaked Groups

Group chats mask members Anøm-ID from other members by default. A group owner can assign administration rights to trusted members of the group. Owner & Admins have the power to add/remove additional members and securely erase the entire group, issuing a burn notice - leave no trace. 

Information Vault


Full featured notes built in with embedded pictures, checklists, drawing tools and a camera including an extra layer of access security to protect it all. Uncompromisable, impenetrable security!

Shadow Services

Calculator Entry
Decoy Password
Sanitize Data

Anøm is disguised as a fully functional calculator on your home app screen. Access is granted through enforcing two factor authentication. (2FA)
A fingerprint and passcode together allows access to what lies beneath.

All deleted data is sanitized by overwriting the freed space with zeros. Deleted data cannot be recovered through forensic examination. True protection.

Anøm utilizes three layers of Encryption

We don’t use, or recommend, “do-it-yourself encryption”.
Roll your own encryption schemes are un-proven and often full of vulnerabilities. 
Don’t trust your privacy to cipher standards that have not been scrutinized by encryption experts. Learn More

OMEMO Double Ratchet 

Standardized by the XMPP Standards Foundation. Independently audited by Dutch security research group Radically Open Security.
Best in class defense against hacking.

AES-256-CBC + Argon2

Used for file-based encryption, the latter for PIN verification. Argon2 is the winner of a password hashing competition and provides best in class defense against brute-force attacks.


Used for full disk encryption at a file-system level, covering all data on the device. All ciphers are open-source standards, peer reviewed by security research experts & proven effective.